Welcome to SpeedText

Write quickly! No keyboard needed!!

SpeedText is a memo application for handwriting input. You can write words or numbers on a screen input pad. The content is automatically displayed on a text pad 0.5 seconds after releasing your finger from the screen. You can write smoothly, no need to scroll the window.

Features :

  • Write text using your finger.
  • Immediately shows the text after you write.
  • Insert new line using the “Enter” button.
  • Delete text using “BackSpace[BS]” button.
  • Move the cursor location by touching on word.
  • Add or delete pages. Move page using arrow buttons.
  • Device rotation is supported (select from Auto, Portrait Fix, Landscape Fix).
  • Selectable input wait (minimum: 0.2second, maximum: 0.8second).
  • Selectable the input pad height (High, Middle, Low).
  • Selectable word space (minimum: 0px, maximum: 24px).
  • List View is availavle.
  • Continuing write button which box up wordspace is available.
  • Lock timer button and continuing write button are selectable (Yes,No).
  • Icon insert and icon serach.
  • Evernote Integration!